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A stay in Zürich can be anything for a visitor, except monotonous. Some enjoy the extensive discovery tours through the very beautiful, medieval old town with its intricate alleys and wonderful panorama of the lake and mountains. The others may appreciate the famous shopping street Bahnhofsstraße, which is well equipped with a nearly infinite number of precious boutiques for watches, handbags and fashion.

A lover of culture will get their money's worth at the numerous museums and you can also find nice walking paths to take by the bank of the river Limmat or at Zürich lake as well. Only the very high living expenses could be responsible for a shortened visit in the Swiss metropolis. A stay at private accommodations represents a very inexpensive way while still enjoying a great comfort.

Zürich represents a optimal starting point to explore the beautiful Swiss natur or for visits to other cities. In close distance Basel, Luzern, St.Gallen or Konstanz are attractive for a day trip.

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Zurich sightseeing

Old Town
The old town fascinates with its huge number of historical buildings whose construction time often reaches back to the Middle Ages. The winding, narrow alleys induce a very romantic atmosphere and offer now and again a wonderful view to the right bank of the Limmat.
La Bahnhofsstraße (rue de la gare)
Il s'agit de l'une des rues les plus connues et fréquentées pour le shopping. Elle s'étend de la gare jusqu'au bord du lac. En vous y baladant, vous pourrez découvrir non seulement les boutiques chics de la ville mais aussi le complexe de renom international des banques suisses sur la place Paradeplatz. Il ne faudra pas non plus manquer d'aller faire un tour au café de Sprüngli.
With its 869-metres height and observation tower the Uetliberg offers a breathtaking view over the city of Zürich and the environs. The panorama of the Zürichsee and the adjacent chain of the Alps could not be more picturesque. Also very interesting is the view to the airport of Zürich-Kloten with the approaching and departing airplanes which look like toys from this distance. Tip for the relaxed ones: Use the Uetlibergbahn S10 which operates directly from the Züricher central station to the mountain. From there it is only a short way to the observation tower on well developed ways.
Boat round trip
A boat round trip on the Zürichsee represents a very beautiful end of your Zürich visit. In winter as well as in summer the boats belonging to the Zürichsee shipping company offer small and large round trips. In doing so you will discover not only quite new perspectives on the city of Zürich but also will be able to explore the small towns on both banks of the Zürichsee. In nice and clear weather conditions you will have the pleasure of experiencing the wonderful mountain panorama including snow-covered mountaintops.
Tip: in summer don't forget the bathing suit – the Zürichsee offers finest bathing pleasure!

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